Record Producer, Media Composer, Sound Designer and Mixer, as well as Music Production teacher at Academy of Arts Novi Sad. Also producing sample content for Yamaha, Korg, and third parties. Vast experience with production of all musical genres, without compromise in quality. Having perfect pitch, I also enjoy working Live FOH sound and troubleshoot & supervise big productions. Whether it’s mixing, mastering, composing for media or audio postproduction, feel free to contact me, and check out my works and discography :)
Mixing / Mastering
Pitch-Perfect Transcriptions
Audio PostProduction
Live Sound - FOH engineer
Media Composer


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My 20 years of experience will definitely help you to produce exciting stuff in the following areas:
Sound Design
Audio editing, Post Production, Foley, Premixing, 5.1 Mixing, Sound Design... MVO, FVO and other talent available on request
Music For The Media
Feature Film, TV, Documentary, Drama, Reality, Music shows.
Media Production Consulting
If you dream of big production, but lacking general know-how, let us help you :)